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Sasktel Internet Update as of November 2020, see here for information

Sasktel Internet Deployment in Candle Lake (Click here for info)

The Resort Village of Candle Lake now has a Community Safety Office ( CSO )  for more information about the CSO, CLICK HERE

Resort Village Municipal Office Hours - Now open but restricted to One Person in Reception at a time

 Project Information Sheet - Surfacing of HWY #265Project Update, Aug. 28th, 2020

COVID-19 and RV Parks/Camp Grounds Guidelines from the Provincial Government

Campground Rules during COVID-19

Municipal Governance 101 : Resort Villages

COVID-19 Cleaning and disinfection for Public Facilities info

COVID-19, Cottage or Camping? Think carefully Message from Society of Rural Physicians of Canada (click here)

Municipalities of Saskatchewan COVID-19 Notice

Saskatchewan COVID-19 Preparedness, Self Monitoring & Self Isolation Information (click here for info)

Important COVID-19 Information for Saskatchewan Health Authorities (click here for info)

Candle Lake and Sasktel Internet, if interest please visit

Municipal Notices via E-mail NOW AVAILABLE with The Resort Village of Candle Lake (click here for consent form)

 Lots for Sale by RVCL - Sunset Way (Click Here for info) 

 ATV & Golf Cart Information Brochure (Click Here)

ATV Permit Application Form (Click Here)

Candle Lake High Speed Internet News Release (Click Here)

Candle Lake High Speed Internet (Question & Answer, Click Here)

Fireworks and Open Fires Brocheur (Click Here)