Resort Village of Candle Lake

 Zoning Bylaw 03-2016 - CONSOLIDATED MARCH 2022


See Application forms below:


Residential New Build Check List

Residential Deck - Permit Application Check List

Construction Code for Built-up Wood Beams

Covered Deck Roof - Permit Application Worksheet

Detached Garage - Permit Application Checklist

RTM Permit Application Checklist

Existing Home Relocation Permit Application Checklist

Bunkhouse Application Worksheet

Addition to Dwelling Permit Application Checklist 

Spatial Separation Requirements (Fire Regulations)

Culvert/Approach Application

 Development Appeal Application ( $250 Fee per Appeal )



  -  Please ensure to fill out the Forms in the application that pertain to the your project in full.  You can also find additional information
     on our Building Inspectors website, or give us a call.


 Our Building Inspector will now as of September 2019, will be "Chris Gates" of BuildTech Consulting & Inspections Inc.  You can visit their Website at: for various Building Permit information and Forms.  Building Permit Information and Applications can still be picked up at our Office in Candel Lake as well.  After August 2019, to book an inspection and all other inquires, call our new Building Inspector "Chris Gates" at 1-306-370-2824

Pursuant to Section 5 (7) of Building Bylaw 8-2006:

  1. All permits issued under this section expire:
  • Twelve months from date of issue if work is not commenced within that period, or
  • Work is suspended for a period of six months.
  • The local authority may, at its discretion, extend for twelve months any permit for work not completed.