Housing Needs and Demand Assessment

The Resort Village of Candle Lake Housing Needs and Demand Assessment was conducted to provide the Resort Village with information on community interest in developing an independent living housing project for older adults aged 55+ who wish to remain in the community as they age, without the demands and costs of owning a cottage property. 

The assessment looked at key indicators such as age distribution, income, level of interest and location availability, and found evidence that a development for those 55 years of age and older would be supported and needed at Candle Lake within three to five years. Further, it found that the demand for a housing project will likely continue to grow which could lead to a second phase, or second project, to be considered within the next five to 10 years. 

With this information confirmed, the assessment went further to provide two potential locations where such a housing development could be built, as well as samples of housing developments in other communities that the Resort Village could use as models by which to continue planning. The assessment, however, does not advocate for any specific type of development or location. 

The next steps in this project includes soliciting builders through an Expression of Interest. It is the intention of the Resort Village to include community members to assist in the review of proposals for a seniors housing development based on a set of criteria including things such as, location, design, business plan and timing. Expenses involved in facilitating this work would need to be identified as part of the budget planning process and approved by Council.  

Resort Village of Candle Lake Housing Needs and Demand Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions About the Housing Needs and Demand Assessment