Resort Village of Candle Lake

Candle Lake Sno'Drifters



We are a group of volunteers that help to maintain the 350 km of snowmobile trails within the area of Candle Lake.  We help to promote a safe area to ride snowmobiles by providing signed trails and all of our warm up facilities are stocked with firewood, paper, axe  and candles in case of an emergency.

The trails are all groomed and ready for riding, please remember that it is your responsiblity to pack out what you have brought in.  The warmup shelters are there for everyone to enjoy so please help our volunteers by cleaning up the garbage and cans that you bring with you on the trail. 

Our annual 250 Rally was a great sucess and everyone that attended had a great time riding the trails and enjoying a wonderful meal put on by the club members.

Its that time of the year again that the tickets for the annual 250 Rally are on sale get yours early as last year was a sell out

The Candle Lake Sno'Drifters received 2 honors by being awarded by the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association on June 21,2014

The Candle Lake Sno'Drifters were the proud recipents of the CANADIAN SNOWMOBILE CLUB OF THE YEAR which was presented to the members of the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association at the Annual Meeting in Niagara Falls, New York on June 13,2015.  This is a tremendous honour to all the volunteers who dedicate their time and energy into making the snowmobile trails in Candle Lake the best in the province.

Diamonds in the Snow Award for Junior of the Year 2016 was awarded to Jayden Lozej
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Diamonds in the Snow Award for Junior of the Year 2015 was awarded to Aaron Lemoal
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Diamonds in The Snow Award for Club of The Year 2014
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Diamonds in The Snow Award for Junior Volunteer of the Year 2014 was awarded to Kolton Lozej
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Check out our new and renovated warm up facilities 

1. The newest Bay Lake Warm up Shelter was moved into place in November 2015 and there is lots of area to park your sleds as you take a ride around the Short Shipman Trail stop in and start a fire and cook a hotdog.

2. Clearsand Warm up Shelter was newly constructed in the winter of 2013 and has been used greatly by many riders this winter.


 Clubhouse and New Greemer - Monthly meetings on the 3rd Saturday of the month.  Please contact either Michelle Lozej at 1-306-981-3777 or Carla Painchaud at                   1-306-960-5597 if you would like mor information on how to join the club.

3.  Ice House Creek Shelter was newly constructed in the winter of 2012 and has been a great stopping place when travelling on the Rachelle Trail around the lake.

4.  The Short Shipman Trail Warm up Shelter has been moved out and is ready for this year's winter stop so stop in and start a fire in the pit outside and roast a hotdog or two.  Thanks to the generous donation of $7500.00 from RALLY MOTOR SPORTS in Prince Albert and the many hours of labour from the club members we were able to construct this new shelter.

Our club loves to hit the trails as a group and heads out on to the local trails for rides with our families.  If you ever want to join in check out our facebook page for ride updates.

(Sno-Drifter's Candle Lake)


 Lunch at the Bay Lake Shelter at our annual 250 Rally


 Work Bee cutting wood at the shelters

 We love to participate in the Canada Day Parade on July 1 and the kids of our families ride on the float every year handing out candy to the kids along the parade route.