Resort Village of Candle Lake

Candle Lake Citizens on Patrol Program (COPPS)


COPPS 2014 Information Flyer (Click Here)

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Working in conjunction with the Smeaton RCMP to patrol the Candle Lake Community

Purpose of COPPs

  1.  To increase citizen awareness
  2. To involve citizens in the reduction of crime by observing and reporting suspicious persons and incidents
  3. To involve volunteer citizens in crime prevention activities

COPPS is similar to Rural Crime Watch patrols, except that COPP participants will have communication with our local RCMP.  Citizen patrols will travel in pairs by vehicle, and may consist of male and/or female participants.  They will observe and report any suspicious activities/persons, by means of a citizen’s band radio or cell phone.  They will make a written record of any observations for use by investigators or for court purposes.

COPP members do not have powers to arrest beyond those of any ordinary citizen.  COPP members may also assist the police by participating in crime prevention programs that would be applicable to their respective communities.  COPP members are not paid any salary under this program.  Patrollers are paid mileage to recoup the cost of gas.

Our objectives are to encourage citizen participation in observing and reporting suspicious events/persons in our community, reduce incidents of crime, ie. Break and enter, vandalism, thefts and to increase participation in related crime prevention programs.

Keep our community safe by supporting your COPPS program (we are a registered charity and give out tax deductible receipts for donations) or become a patroller.

You must:

  • Be 18 years of age
  • Possess a valid Saskatchewan’s Driver’s License
  • Own and have legal access to and right of use of a reliable, properly registered motor vehicle
  • Be free of ANY criminal convictions during the 5 years preceding his/her application.
  • Be free of any close association with any active criminal element.
  • All applicants are subject to a security check conducted by the local RCMP.

For further information contact Clarence Buckoski at 929-2096