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Communities in Bloom is a  Canadian non-profit organization committed to encouraging and inspiring communities to develop, enhance and sustain the visual appeal of subdivisions, public spaces, parks and streetscapes through the use of floral displays, trees and landscaping. It promotes the preservation of heritage and cultural components and special emphasis is placed on environmental stewardship through recycling and tidiness. The provincial branch consists of a program offered by the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association.

  • The local committee was formed in 2007 and became a volunteer committee of the Council of the Resort Village of Candle Lake. It consists of volunteers with financial assistance from the village as well as fund raising projects, and it has brought about many positive changes in the resort area. With the help of many volunteers from the community at large donating their time, talent and financial support many projects have been initiated, completed and maintained by the group and their supporters in the community. These projects have improved the beauty, enjoyment and functionality of our community.
  • An information kiosk stands at the entrance to the village, with a large area map of the lake and its subdivisions, parks, camps, boat launches and trails. Two additional maps of the local Parks and Rec trails and Snowmobile trails frame the kiosk. This was a true community effort involving local contractors, the village staff and many, many volunteers. The area features flags and planters filled with deer resistant plants!
  • One of our first Environmental projects was to approach Council to contract Greenland Waste to put recycle bins at the Landfill for paper, cardboard, tin cans and plastic. Our goal was to save as much material as possible from being "dumped" into the pit. This request was granted and in 2018 additional bins have been located on the RV grounds.
  • A budget request for a recycling building at the landfill was presented to Council in 2010. Funds that were contributed by Sheri and Jason Praski towards environmental projects, as well as additional help and funds from the Resort Village were used to construct the recycling building.
  • Recycling barrels are set out at the provincial beaches, Candle Lake Golf Resort, All Season Service, C & S, Carwash, Misty Meadows RV Park, Village Grounds and Nobles Point Subdivision. The cans and bottles are collected, sorted and delivered to PA Sarcan by volunteers and funds raised are used for CiB projects. Cans and bottles, paint cans, batteries and empty propane bottles can be left at the Landfill free of charge. There are several Waste Management Bins at the Landfill and on the Village Grounds for the collection of cardboard, paper, plastic and tin cans.
  • Banners have been erected in the resort area.
  • Hanging baskets have greatly improved the visual appeal of the downtown CON. Many businesses and individuals originally sponsored the cost of the flowers. The village workers assist in the watering and maintenance of the planters .
  • Signage was one of the first big issues tackled by the committee. Three Welcome to Candle lake signs now stand at the corner of 120 and 265 and the northeast and northwest entrances. The committee assisted in the consolidation of the number of subdivisions to 23, and names of streets designated to the appropriate subdivision. The committee has encouraged subdivisions to design and erect their own sign or mural for the entrance to their subdivision. Work of local artists can been seen on the murals at the entrance for Island View, Glendale Park, Nobles Point, Minowukaw and Sanderman Park, Clearsand, Holiday Acres, Northview and Steen Subdivisions. Other murals are presently in the works.
  • Our committee has sponsored Garden Tours in the past and presentations by Ivan Beuker on deer resistant plants, Larry Mullen on backyard composting and Don Ragush on Hobby Greenhouses. A perennial exchange occurred at the last three programs.
    Members of CiB in conjunction with the Mosher family and the Resort Village planned and established a park on King's Way, complete with kiosk, tables, benches and swimming area. This work is dedicated to the memory of Daniel Mosher and friends who carved a trail through the bush from Paddockwood to Candle Lake 100 years ago.
    For several summers we have held a BBQ in the Park prior to Saskatchewan Express, once again supported by many volunteers. We now host it every second year as we share with the new provincial park at Christopher Lake.
  • The Candle Lake Pitch In, in May Ditch Cleaning program is coordinated by Communities in Bloom. This program involves all the sports and recreation groups.
  • We support the May "Welcome to the Lake" Event by sponsoring a Raffle for a beautiful basket of flowers and 10th Anniversary Recycling bags.
  • We enter a float in the July 1st parade which promotes recycling and beautification of the. Village.
  • In 2017, the 10th anniversary of our committee, we chose recycling bags as our way to advertise and celebrate our work in the RV of Candle Lake. These bags have been for sale at various businesses durinq the summers of 2017-18
  • A member of CiB is part of the Candle Lake Community Garden Partnership. In the spring of 2018, we donated $10,000.00 to this project. 
  • Ln the Spring of 2018 we donated $ 11,383.00 to the Waskateena Playground project sponsored by The Candle Lakers.
  • In the Fall of 2018 we purchased a Shoremaster boat dock to be put in the lake approximately 200 metres east of where the Old Baldy Trail accesses the lake.
  • We continue to support projects for parks, playgrounds and recreation facilities.
  • For the past 5 years we have held an Appreciation Supper in late August for all those volunteers who have supported our projects with their time and talents.
  • On the Labour Day weekend ( 4th Annual in 2018) we collect bottles and cans in an area close to C & S. This gives seasonal and permanent residents an opportunity to donate the bottles and cans that they may have collected over the Spring and Summer seasons.
  • The purpose of our latest signs place at the three entrances to the Resort area is to raise awareness of the fact that there is an organization called Communities in Bloom at work in this community.
Communities in Bloom (CiB) assumed a project in 2007 centered around the Aschim Homestead Heritage Forest and Experimental Woodlots operated by the Sask Forestry Association on 2 quarters of land in the R. M. Of Paddockwood. The Resort Village of Candle Lake initially began caretaking duties in 2002-03. After a surge of work on the house, yard, boardwalks and trails, finances and interest waned until CiB took on responsibility for the project.

The CiB in the last 10 years have focussed their efforts on maintaining and restoring boardwalks, improving signage, benches and yard site all with limited finances and many volunteer hours. Thanks to CiB's Budget Account, the continued efforts have created a first class trail system and a historical heritage site in our area. Much remains to be done, in the meantime, "Enjoy the trails and the historical information posted along them."

Click Here for Information on Aschim Homestead and Trail Map

The local committee consists of the following members

Chairpersons- Ed Horn/Gail Haight
Secretary- Joanne Gartner
Treasurer-Gary Haight

Committee Chairs

Environmental Awareness/ Recycling- Gary Haight 
Heritage Conservation/ Forestry- Ed Horn
Signage- Ed Horn
Floral Displays- Doris Horn, Sylvia Pasloski
Publicity- Gail Haight
Pitch In Program- Marilynn and Terry Pearse
Community Profile Book- Gail Haight
Members -at-large- Roy Button, Sylvia Lowe, Marilynn Pearce, Terry Pearce,
Dennis Lokinger, Frances Berdar
Transportation of Recyclables to Sarcan, Prince Albert-Edwin Pasloski and Ed Horn
RV Councillor- Valerie Manton RV Maintenance- Robert Johnson

Other volunteers for CiB provide the very necessary support to help make the organization successful.
Watch for our mascot Candy who attends many of our events.

People, Plants & Pride..... Growing Together


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