Resort Village of Candle Lake

Emergency and Protective Services


The Candle Lake Fire Department for the Resort Village of Candle Lake provides responsible for fire protection of all structures.The Department is manned by volunteer Fire Fighters and First Responders. Currently, the department is equipped with a rescue unit, two pumpers and one tanker.

  • The Rescue Unit carries fire fighting, rescue and First Responder equipment. As well, this unit has the
    Jaws of Life for extracting trapped victims of motor vehicle accidents.
  • The pumpers are used primarily for fire fighting.
  • The tanker carries 1200 gallons of water and a portable pump.


Emergency Measures

Emergency Preparedness Pocket Guide

  • Knowing what to do during an emergency is an important part of being prepared. Use this guide for information on what to do in different situations.What to do in emergency situations such as terrorist attacks.

Severe Storms Information Booklet of What to do

  • Advice on how to prepare for a severe storm, choose a shelter area, pack an emergency kit, etc
  • What to do after any severe storm
  • Advice on what to do in the home or in the car during a tornado, a hurricane, a severe thunderstorm, hail, freezing rain or a blizzard

Power Outages

  • Precautions to take to reduce the harmful effects of power and heating outages
  • What to do, and what not to do, during and after a power outage
  • Steps to take in case you need to evacuate your home

Information Stop Cooking Fires Before they Happen (Health Canada)

Emergency Preparedness Information

Winter Travel Safety Information Sheet (Fire Prevention Canada)

Flooding Information (Government of Saskatchewan)

  • Step-by-step advice, general precautions and evacuation procedures
  • What to do after a flood: re-entry, precautions during cleanup, tips on cleaning water-damaged items
  • Information on what to keep and what to discard; steps to follow before moving back into your house

Loss of Utilities information sheet

Pet Emergency Preparedness information

  • How to care for your pets before, during and after an emergency.