Resort Village of Candle Lake

Wapiti Regional Library

The mission of the Wapiti Regional Library is to enable its local public libraries to provide equitable access to information for cultural, recreational and educational development in the most cost effective and time efficient manner.

Wapiti is Saskatchewan's original and most populated Regional Library System serving 120,000 residents through 46 Wapiti branch locations and boards. With representation from over 100 rural municipalities, ranging from small hamlets, resorts, villages, towns, area resource center cities to the City of Prince Albert, First Nations and the Penitentiary branch, all have unique needs and strengths.

We are proud of the province wide public library system coordinated by the Provincial Library and Literacy Office, which allows every resident to take advantage of the One Province Library experience through the Saskatchewan Information and Library Service Consortium

Closest Library is Prince Albert, Sask.


It is easy to access the downloadable books onto your mobile device. 

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    (All you need is a current library card and a PIN)
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