Resort Village of Candle Lake



Candle Lake Activity Trails 

Candle Lake and the surrounding area provide excellent opportunities for hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.  We have a well developed and maintained system of over 16 walking/cycling trails that continues to grow.  These trails are intended for "human powered" activities such as walking, running, cycling, skiing or snowshoeing.  Of course, wheelchairs and strollers are welcome where the terrain permits.  Please help preserve the trails by keeping other motorized vehicles away.

Activity Trails Map

Our Activity Trails Map provides information on the type of terrain for each trail, as well as what you can expect to find there.  Pick up a copy of the latest Activity Trails Map at the Resort Village office, many local businesses, or here.

You can also search "Candle Lake" in the Wikiloc app to see individual trail maps, for some of the trails, with information such as location, directions, elevations and conditions.

Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing Maps

The Village office and many local businesses have ski trail maps in season.  Click links below to access various winter activity maps.

- Cross - Country Ski Trails - Sask Parks Map
- West End Trail Map
- Deep Bay to Telwin Nature Trail Map
- Designated snowshoeing terrian is located at the Aschim trails, click here for information and a map of the Homestead Heritage Forest


Candle Lake Trails Advisory Board

The Candle Lake Trails Advisory Board (CLTAB) meets regularly, and works with the Resort Village Council to plan new routes and maintain existing trails in an effort to ensure the opportunity for residents and visitors to enjoy a safe and varied outdoor experience year round.

 Blue Heron on Northview Trail, May 2020 (photo courtesy of Hannah Tyson)

Trail development began with 3 areas of focus which continue to guide us today:
1.  Safety - trails designed to provide safer options for people to access popular beach and commercial areas.
2.  Connectivity - trails designed to connect subdivisions when possible.
3.  Nature - trails designed to create and promote activity walks into the forested areas around Candle Lake as well as much of the shoreline interface with our local water bodies. 

Cross-country skiing has always been a part of the winter scene at Candle Lake.  In 2000 the Sno Skiers were formed by Lu Crawford, the Camerons and the Horns. This group with up to 30 members and business sponsorships bought an Alpine Snowmobile, a pipedrag and a track setter.  Together we cleared and groomed the Baldy and Bay Lake system of trails, hosted ski clinics and loppets.  In 2016 the West End ski enthusiasts developed and maintained ski trails from Telwin to Van Impe and the Provincial Park re-entered the ski scene by improving and maintaining the Baldy trails in 2018.  Candle Lake Trails Advisory Board (CLTAB) advises and budgets for continued ski trail maintenance.  Ski/curl days to provide instruction to local students, are organized by volunteers, and funded through Parks and Rec Community grants.

Keys to the success of this Board are the trail volunteers and active community members who see these outdoor activities as an important aspect of resort life.  Community support from local businesses has also helped greatly with our initiatives.

  •  Affinity Credit Union District Council Funding for Fall 2020 awarded to Candle Lake Trails Advisory Board - click here  for more details.
  • Communities in Bloom $5,000 Grant in December 2020 - used toward the purchase of a new groomer - click here for more details
  • Saskatchewan Tails Association $500 grant 2021 for trail Acknowledge - click here fore more details
  • FireSmart $500 grant 2021 for trail cleanup - click here for more details

We invite new trail enthusiasts to join our Board of volunteers.  If you are interested in joining the Candle Lake Trails Advisory Board please contact the Resort Village Office at 306-929-2236.

Connect with us on Facebook at "Candle Lake Activity Trails" to discover the latest Trail news.  We welcome pictures or comments from those enjoying the Trails.

An active hiking club meets up weekly from spring to fall to trek together.  To join the hiking club or learn more about its activities email