Aschim Homestead Heritage Forest

Historical Project 

The Aschim Homestead Heritage Forest is 32 acres of beautiful land located in the boreal forest approximately 7 km from the Village and 2 km from the junction of highways 120 and 265. The Forest is a popular spot for local residents and tourists alike.

In 2007, Communities in Bloom and the Resort Village of Candle Lake assumed responsibility for the area from the RM of Paddockwood. Communities in Bloom volunteers made improvements for the area and maintain the home, yard and trails.  

Aschim Trail


In 1932, Ansgar and Christina Aschim bought 130 hectares of land and built a two-story Norwegian style cabin from fire killed spruce harvested on the east side of Torch Lake.  A barn, pig house, garage, smokehouse and warm-up shack were also built on the property.  Other reminders of farming days long past are the horse drawn seeder, hay wagon wheels still on the property.  In 1942, the Aschims left the property, returning in the summer to log and make forest improvements.  In 1965, the provincial government acquired the property, and in 1977 responsibility was given to the Saskatchewan Forestry Association and it was named the Homestead Heritage Forest.

There are five different trails featuring signs (a very large sign illustrating the area and trails is just inside the entry) boardwalks, stands of beautiful white spruce trees, marshes with black spruce, wildflowers, berry bushes and beautiful grasses.  Moose, elk deer red squirrels and songbirds are special attractions of the area.

Historical pictures and documents are located in the yard and the house.  

Historic Note:

"A Wagon trail ran through the property long before the Aschims arrived.  During the Northwest Resistance of 1885 the trail was used to haul fish from Torch Lake to feed General Frederick Middleton's troops.  In 1919 this same trail was used for logging.  You can see the ruts worn over time by the wagon wheels."

Heritage Recognition Award for Aschim Homestead Heritage Forest

In October 2020, the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association recognized the ongoing efforts of Communities to Bloom in maintaining and expanding this beautiful, peaceful historic area with a Heritage Recognition Award.

Aschim Homestead
Aschim Homestead

Aschim Homestead Interior
Original Equipment

Original Stove
Original Cabinets


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