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Roadway Maintenance

Keeping our Roadways Safe

Resort Village staff work hard to maintain roadways in the Resort Village of Candle Lake.  

To ensure the safety of our roads, our staff: Public Works Staff

  • Add gravel to gravel roads as required, grade roads, and apply dust suppression material each year.
  • Maintain drainage ditches to prevent roads from being damaged and/or washed out.
  • Maintain paved roads by sealing cracks, hand patching with cold-mix asphalt.
  • Schedule repaving and repairing of roads that have not been built to necessary specifications.
  • Paint lines. 
  • Maintain and repair signage and other traffic control tools.
  • Issue road bans to preserve the integrity of the roadways. 

If you see an issue with a roadway in our community, please let us know using our Service Tracker.