Emergency Services 10 Year Master Plan

Resort Village of Candle Lake Emergency Services 10 Year Master Plan

In October 2022 the provincial government passed legislation that requires all fire departments (volunteer or otherwise) to formally declare the level of service they can provide to a community or area. The Resort Village agrees that educated decision-making is critical to the provision of emergency services and quality of life, particularly as the Resort Village continues to grow. 

The Candle Lake Emergency Services Master Plan is a plan to enhance emergency services in the Resort Village over the next 10 years, including services to address the risk of wildfire. It provides direction and a framework that can be implemented and aligned with a community plan, in conjunction with operational planning, and a defined budget and policy making process. 

In November 2021, the Candle Lake Fire Department (CLFD), Medical First Responders (MFRs) and the Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) merged to become the Candle Lake Emergency Services (CLES). The Emergency Services 10 Year Master Plan included CLFD, MFRs, and EMO. 

To create the plan, a comprehensive review of existing services, staff and equipment was completed. Challenges and opportunities in the provision of their Emergency Services were identified. Current and future population statistics and anticipated growth of the community were included. Best practices, current industry standards, and applicable legislation were also considered.  

The Plan identifies 63 recommendations, some of which could be implemented immediately, in the short term (1-3 years), medium term (4-6 years) and long-term (7-10 years). The recommendations are ‘Operational’ (implemented by the Fire Chief) and ‘Administrative’ (implemented by Mayor and Council with a financial commitment or policy) with the overall goal of moving the CLES forward into the future with a strategic focus.

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Resort Village of Candle Lake Emergency Services Master Plan

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