Public Works Summer 2023 Recap

Candle Lake Administration and Council have been working hard over the last few years to enhance quality of life in the Resort Village by improving infrastructure like water and sewer systems and roadways, particularly as the community continues to grow.

In 2020 Council began implementing a new process to enhance efficiencies in the Resort Village when it comes to managing infrastructure. This process includes studying issues that need to be addressed, creating project plans, determining costs, and identifying potential funding opportunities to reduce the burden on taxpayers.

Over $700,000 in grant funding has been obtained specifically for Public Works projects in recent years, and progress has been made in several areas.

Eliminating Chronic Drainage Issues

This summer, the Airpark and Lakeside Flood Mitigation Berm/Active Corridor Project was completed. In addition to improving drainage and adding protection from indirect flooding from Torch Lake, this project provided an opportunity to extend the existing westside trail network further north to reduce pedestrian use of Hwy 265 and Lakeview Drive, helping to enhance physical activity and safety at the same time!

In the Lakeside Subdivision, two catch basins were installed at Sackett Avenue and Lakeview Drive and a catch basin and pump station was added between Pine Crescent and White Poplar Crescent. Future improvements are planned throughout the Lakeside Subdivision to improve drainage to integrate into a long-term plan to rehabilitate Lakeview Drive.

Catch basin at the Lakeview Drive project 

Well over half of the funds required to complete this project, $186,000.00, was provided through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program. The total cost of this project was almost $318,000.00.

Drainage improvements were also made at Timmerman Place, Henderson Place, Eagle Crescent and Fairway Drive. This included both improved drainage ditches and new culverts.

Landfill Maintenance and Improvements

Municipalities across Canada are dealing with aging landfills, and as new technologies are developed, landfills are changing. Over the summer, preliminary drawings were developed to decommission the historic landfill cell, and plans for surface water drainage post-closure monitoring were created. Work will begin next year.

As part of their day-to-day work, Public Works crews also installed new signage at the Landfill, did regular clean-up, and helped to organize free landfill days with curb-side yard refuse pick-up. 

The Resort Village will receive $446,873 from the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program ($243,760 is the federal share of funding; $203,113 is provincial funding) to decommission our historic landfill.

Lagoon Maintenance and Improvements

As the Resort Village grows, so too does the need for wastewater systems that can handle increasing population. In 2021, West Lagoon 

Council directed Administration to work with the Water Security Agency to implement new maintenance systems and schedules which are helping ensure the lagoon remains in good working condition. A plan for lagoon improvements has been created, and a grant application to help fund future improvements has been submitted. We hope to share good news on this funding application soon!

Public Works staff ensure operation of the lagoons are in compliance with Water Security Agency regulations by carrying out ongoing testing, inspections, maintenance work and conducting regular discharges as required. Ongoing training has resulted in one of our staff receiving Water and Wastewater certification this year.

Trail & Garden Maintenance and Building New Spaces to Play

This summer, the Candle Lake Fun Run Committee donated $16,000 to the Trails Advisory Board to build the Fun Run Trail. Public Works crews are building the new Fun Run TrailThe trail will provide a safe pedestrian and cyclist connection route from the Bayview commercial area to the Hall and recreation facilities, as well as to the Bay Lake Trails. A preliminary plan was created and work to build the new trail began. Thankfully, in the 2023 Budget Council included a box blade skid steer attachment for trail maintenance which will be useful in the construction of new trails and future trail grooming.

Public Works crews also completed an extension to the Simon Lehne Trail and provided support to the Trails Advisory Committee by helping manage vegetation and weed control on the trails. 

In addition to these projects, Public Works staff, with the help of a dedicated group of hard-working summer students, also spent time on day-to-day operations to help keep our community in tip-top shape!

Public Works is supporting the development of infrastructure related to recreation and quality of life. 

Maintaining our Roadways 

Installing culvertsIn addition to spring road grading, dust control, adding gravel, and repairing potholes, several major roadway maintenance projects were completed this summer including repairs to Nipew Place, Henderson Place and Eagle Crescent.

Each year, Public Works crews maintain over 70 kilometers of roadways.

Summer Students

This summer six students were hired to support Public Works operations with funding in part from Canada Summer Jobs. In addition to helping with grass cutting and day to day maintenance, students helped with Community Garden plantings, installing delineators along Main Street, line painting crosswalks, Main Street parking lot and Bayview Drive, and installing new and replacing old  signs throughout out the Village.

In addition to day-to-day work, from May to August, 98 service requests were addressed by Public Works staff.

Enhancing Efficiencies

This summer the Public Works Department began implementing a new tool called SiteDocs. This workplace safety management program will help manage equipment, facility and other asset required inspections to stay safe, reduce maintenance costs and remain compliant with Occupational Health & Safety standards.

Maintenance crews installing community garden boxes

The Resort Village is finding new and innovative ways to work more efficiently and safely.

Future Planning

This summer, Council and Resort Village staff led Premier Scott Moe and Saskatchewan Rivers candidate Eric Schmalz on a tour of the Resort Village. During the tour, Public Works staff had an opportunity to discuss challenges with infrastructure including the lagoon and landfill, both of which are being challenged by growth and increased demand. The need for provincial assistance in future infrastructure projects as our community grows was highlighted during the visit. We look forward to sharing more good news as a result of this ongoing work soon!

Strengthening partnerships with government and the private sector is another way Council is working to ensure the Village is properly positioned to provide needed municipal services now and into the future.