RVCL Policies

Municipal Policies are created by Council to govern the Village. Under the Municipalities Act and associated regulations, Councils are empowered to create and pass policies in accordance with the Act.  

Current Policies 

All policies posted here are for information purposes only and if there is any dispute, the official version at the Resort Village Office will take precedence. 

200-12 Travel Reimbursement Policy

200-13 Meal Allowance Rate Policy

200-41 Cemetary Policy

200-50 Public Reserve Policy

200-66 RVCL Facility Fees Policy

200-67 Communications Policy

200-68 Asset Management Policy

200-71 Sale of Municipal Lands Policy

200-72 Community Bench Policy

200-73 Lot Consolidation Policy

200-75 BYOD Policy

200-76 Nuisance Wildlife Control Policy

200-77 Establishment of Community Development Matching Funds Grant Policy

200-80 Charitable Tax Receipt Policy

200-81 Neighbourhood Rejuvenation Policy

200-82  Snow Removal Policy

200-83 Equipment Usage Policy

300-52  Harassment and Discrimination Policy

400-40 Playground Inspection and Maintenance Policy