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Future Community Plans

The Resort Village of Candle lake is continually planning for the future of our community.  Click on hyperlinks below to check out some of our initiatives.

NCLPD Official Community Plan

The Resort Village is a growing community.  Growth and change also means our Official Community Plan is also changing as we grow.  As part of the North Central Lakelands Planning District we are continually working towards sustainability and becoming a prosperous community.  For more information on our Official Community Plan.

Sustainability Plan

The Resort Village of Candle Lake Council is working to achieve a new vision for Candle Lake that will create a community that is thriving, resilient and sustainable.  Visit Candle Lake's Sustainability Plan to discover how Council plans to achieve this new vision for our community.

20 Year Master Plan for Parks, Open Spaces and Trails

A 20-year Master Plan for Parks, Opens Spaces and Trails at Candle Lake has been completed and adopted by Council. Development and Maintenance of recreation infrastructure is important to the Resort Village.  The Master Plan aims to create a network of multi-use trails and open spaces for local and visitor recreational use.  

Emergency Services 10 Year Master Plan

The Resort Village of Candle Lake has a Volunteer Fire Department with 32 members of which 8 are Medical First Responders.  The Emergency Services respond to incidents in all areas of the RVCL as well 20kms in all directions from the outskirts of the RVCL.  The Master Plan is part of the Resort Village of Candle Lake's efforts to evaluate the existing staffing levels, facilities and equipment and to make recommendations for long term success, viability, improved efficiency and safety for both Emergency Responders and the public.  

Candle Lake 55+ Housing Project 

The Resort Village of Candle Lake has identified a need for housing that supports residents as they transition from early retirement to a stage of life where housing maintenance becomes an issue.