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Starting a Project at the Resort Village of Candle Lake?

Building and Development Permits are required for most types of construction or development within the Resort Village of Candle Lake.

The Building Permit ensures that all construction and renovation projects comply with the minimum standards prescribed in the National Building Code, National Fire Code and the National Energy Code of Canada

The Resort Village also has a Building Bylaw  through which the municipality administers the regulations under the Saskatchewan Construction Codes Act.

Development permits are required for changes to the land use (e.g. restaurant to retail business), intensity of use (an addition to a home or a new detached garage), excavation, fill, demolition and building removal.

Development projects must also comply with the standards and regulations within the Resort Village of Candle Lake Zoning Bylaw which administers The Planning and Development Act, 2007.

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Coming Soon!

The Resort Village is currently developing a Building Guide and a Development Guide which will provide all of the information you need about building and development in the Resort Village.

  • RVCL Building Guide (under development)
  • RVCL Development Guide (under development)

If you have any questions regarding Building & Development Permits, please contact the Manager of Planning and Development at or call (306) 929-2236.