Sustainability Plan

Planning for the Future: Candle Lake Sustainability Plan

The Resort Village of Candle Lake Council is working to achieve a new vision for Candle Lake – to create a community that is thriving, resilient and sustainable. 

To achieve this vision, a Sustainability Plan is being developed with four Pillars: 

  • Governance: We want to ensure future processes for making decisions are transparent and citizens know how they can get involved. Council decisions should be guided by policies.
  • Economy: Services and businesses contribute to a high quality of life. We will explore economic opportunities that can be embraced without compromising future affordability or the environment. 
  • Society: Culture, health and wellness, and recreation opportunities are plentiful in our community. We will build on them, and at the same time be sure local traditions, customs, values and heritage that make Candle Lake unique are respected.
  • Environment: Nature is recognized as the feature that attracts people to the area. Stewardship needs to be strong to ensure nature thrives for the benefit of all, and for future generations.

 Wallace Insights have been hired to help the Resort Village engage with the community and develop the Plan.

What is a Sustainability Plan? 

  • It is a guide for decision making, particularly about important issues related to economic opportunities, quality of life, relationship with nature, and matters of governance and engagement. 
  • It is an action plan, not a study, that identifies priorities, actions and indicators for measuring success.
  • It has a 10-year horizon. It considers directions set by other long-term plans of the community (such as the 20-Year Parks, Open Space and Trails Master Plan currently under development).

An Open House about the Plan was held on August 13th. Click Here to view the presentation.

This Plan Is About Community Priorities - Have Your Say!

A Sustainability Plan is an action-oriented document that captures the values, priorities and aspirations of the community. It will guide decision-making for the next decade.

Your ideas matter. Please take our brief surveys and help shape the pillars of the Plan.


You may also email your thoughts and ideas to Wallace Insights

What Are Next Steps In The Planning Process? 

Project updates will be available on this project webpage and also be provided in The Wave newsletter and through the Resort Village Facebook page.