Reporting on Our Activities: 2023 Report to the Community

Keeping Saskatchewan’s Brightest Light Shining: Reporting on Our Activities 

 This month, the Resort Village issued the 2023 Report to the Community. This new annual public report is another way the Resort Village is enhancing communication to its residents and visitors to the community. 

 The Report provides details on activities that were conducted in 2023 in the following areas: 

  • Strengthening Operations and Governance: How we’re providing the best service possible by ensuring we have the staff we need to effectively manage the Resort Village, implement stronger internal processes and procedures, and training staff where required.
  • Implementing New Technologies: How we’re advancing our use of technology so we can work more efficiently, work remotely if required, and improve communication to residents. 
  • Upgrading our Municipal Utilities to Meet Our Needs: What we have done to ensure the proper operation of our wastewater system and pursue a long-term solution to address capacity issues at the East Lagoon, and how we’re improving and modernizing operations at the Landfill and preparing for its decommissioning.   
  • Improving and Maintaining Our Infrastructure: How we’re making needed repairs to roadway infrastructure, developing an annual road repair program and improving drainage within problem areas in the community.
  • Enhancing Our Planning and Development: How we’ve modernized existing bylaws and policies and are developing a new Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw to both address current needs and help the Resort Village in future planning.
  • Creating More Opportunities for Recreation, Culture & Sport: How we’re ensuring the preservation and enhancement of the natural beauty of our community through the proper development and maintenance of recreation infrastructure, creating new trails and implementing our 20 Year Green Space Master Plan.
  • Enhancing Our Emergency Services: What we’ve done to enhance existing services and conduct multi-year planning to ensure these services expand as our community grows.
  • Supporting Commercial Development: How we’re providing better support to help existing local businesses succeed and identify new opportunities for potential business owners and investors.
  • Planning to Meet the Future Needs of Residents: How we’re developing housing options and health services that will allow residents to remain in the Resort Village as they age.  

The Report also includes information on the 2023 Resort Village Budget – where our revenue came from and how we planned to spend that revenue to ensure the best possible use of resources. 

We hope you enjoy reading our 2023 Report to the Community. A limited supply of printed copies are also available for pick up at the Resort Village Office.