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Snowfall Response

Responding to Heavy Snowfalls

After a major snowfall, the Resort Village uses a priority system to clear streets and roadways of snow and ice as quickly as possible so that roads are safe and passable. A mixture of sand and salt, or sand only in very cold temperatures, is then applied to the roads. Sand and/or salt is also applied in the event of freezing rain. 

When visibility is reduced due to snowfall coupled with a windstorm, or where the temperatures are unsafe for staff or equipment, snow clearing will be paused until conditions improve and it is safe for workers and equipment to proceed.  

In the event additional help is required to ensure roads are safe and passable, the Resort Village may call upon a pre-qualified contractor to provide assistance.

Our Snow Removal Policy provides more detail on our processes for removing snow, and applying sand or salt. 

The Street Snow Removal Process

  • Snow clearing will begin as soon as possible after snowfall and blowing winds have subsided. 

Snow Clearing Priority System

Priority 1: Includes emergency service routes, service roads and collector roads such as school bus and garbage collection routes. 

Service Goal: Passable within 12 hours of snowfall. 

Includes: Main Street from Highway #265 to Highway #120, Industrial Road, Fairway Drive, Simon Lehne Drive and Lakeview Drive. Parking Lots at the Fire Hall, Recreation Centre and Village Office may also be included in this category. 

Priority 2: Includes the remainder of Village roads. 

Service Goal: Passable within 48 hours of snowfall. 

Priority 3: Includes Lagoon and Landfill roads. 

Service Goal: Cleared within 72 hours of snowfall. 

Priority 4: Includes residential streets. 

Service Goal: Cleared within 96 hours.

  • Our equipment operator will make every effort to drag the snow through driveway approaches so that windrows (ridges of snow left along the driveway after the road is cleared) are reduced to no higher than 20 centimeters or 8 inches. Normally these ridges do not prevent access and it is the homeowner’s responsibility to remove them. 
  • When a heavy snowfall is occurring and winds are blowing, driveways can be missed. If your driveway is missed by the grader or a ridge of more than 20 centimeters or 8 inches is left, please contact the Village Office. Public Works may inspect the situation and will dispatch appropriate equipment to the area as soon as possible. 

Please note: During a major snowstorm, the Village will focus on restoring the transportation grid to the Village before returning to remove any ridges or windrows.

Placement of Vehicles During a Snowfall 

  • Vehicles parked on the street can slow down the snow clearing process significantly. They also create hazards for staff and equipment, and other traffic. 
  • Vehicles should be moved to an alternate location, such as a driveway where possible. Remember, snow clearing, and removal may commence without advance notice.
  • Under The Highways and Transportation Act, 1997 the Resort Village may remove vehicles for the purpose of removing snow, ice or debris on any street, pathway, or lane. 
  • In addition, vehicle owners are responsible for digging out their vehicle should it be surrounded by a windrow (ridge of snow). 

Going on Vacation?

Ensure your vehicle is not left on the street or in an area where it could obstruct snow removal procedures while you are away. 

Sanding and Salting Priority System 

Priority 1: Includes emergency service routes, service roads and collector roads such as school bus and garbage collection routes. 

Service Goal: Within 8 hours of icy conditions developing.  

Includes: Main Street from Highway #265 to Highway #120, Industrial Road, Fairway Drive, Simon Lehne Drive and Lakeview Drive.

Priority 2: Includes Lagoon and Landfill roads. Service Goal: Within 12 hours of icy conditions developing. 

Priority 3: Includes the remainder of Resort Village streets. Service Goal: Within 24 hours of icy conditions developing.

Please note: In the event of a major snowfall, sanding and salting will begin after snow clearing is complete.

Walking Trails Priority System 

Priority 1: Includes the RVCL Fun Run walking trail from the community church and West Side trail to the Airpark. 

Service Goal: Within 72 hours of snowfall. 

Help Us Help You by Removing Barriers to the Snow Removal Process 

  • Snow, ice, dirt, or other objects must not be placed on any Resort Village street, ditch, pathway, or lane. 
  • Fences, flowerbeds, and landscaping materials such as stones or bricks may not be constructed or stored on Resort Village property within the 5-foot road allowance.
  • Refrain from pushing snow into the streets as this creates more snow for equipment to plough which may result in larger ridges in your own driveway as well as adjacent driveways. 
  • Avoid leaving extremely high piles of snow at the corners of driveways as the grader’s gate cannot be raised high enough to clear these. Property owners may be required to move stored snow if it impedes safe sight lines for pedestrians and motorists and/or future snow melt will adversely affect safe walking or road conditions.
  • Snow from private properties may be moved onto Village property only with the approval of the Operations Manager. 
  • The Village may establish a public snow storage location(s). This would be monitored by Public Works staff to determine accessibility and capacity. Property owners may dump clean snow in these public snow locations with prior approval from the Operations Manager.
  • Snow fencing may be installed in areas where drifting causes problems on roadways, lanes, and pathways as determined by the Operations Manager.

 For more information, please see our Snow Removal Policy

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