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Sailing Away....

Sailing is a great way to bring peace and quiet into our busy lives, and what better place to sail than on beautiful Candle Lake!

The Candle Lake Sailing Club promotes and supports a passion for sailing by hosting sailing lessons and offering its  members access to their fleet of boats.

Membership is $30 per person or $100 per family and includes access to three flying juniors and two lasers at Sandy Bay. Members also receive a discount to attend mobile sailing school lessons. The cost is $100 for members and $120 for non-

Sailing Days
2022 sailing days usually start the first Saturday in June and every second Saturday after that until mid September beginning at 1:00 p.m. In the event of bad weather on every second Saturday, the club will sail on Sunday. 

Sailing Lessons
Sign up for lessons at

Interested in joining the Club and taking sailing lessons? 

Contact April Goranson at (306) 940-7949 or Twyla Markham at (306) 929-4707 or email for more information.

Sailboats on the Water
Sailing Lessons

Candle Lake Sailing Club
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Out on the Water
Smooth Sailing

See our Photo Gallery for more beautiful sailing photos.