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Waste & Recycling


Residential property owners receive one FREE landfill access for household or yard waste up to ½ ton or single axle trailer under 3 m in length on Saturday, Sunday or Monday on the long weekends in May, August and September. Residents will be required to provide their civic address upon entry at the landfill.

Community Cleanup Weeks - May, August and September, 2024

Streetside yard refuse will be picked up along with your household garbage following each of the long weekends in May, August and September. Yard refuse including leaves, grass clippings, garden waste must be bagged in clear bags under 10kg(22lbs). Tree limbs under 4’ in length must be bundled and tied under 10kg(22lbs). 

Spring Ditch Cleanup Week May 

Communities in Bloom has partnered with a number of Volunteer community groups to clean roadsides within the Village.  Volunteers requiring bags and gloves are welcome to pick some up at the RVCL office.  A big thank-you to all our wonderful community groups participating in this event to enhance the beauty of the community and promote environmental responsibility! 

Garbage Pick Up

Summer 2024 Garbage Pick Up Schedule

Winter 2023-24 Garbage Pick Up Schedule

Garbage must be bagged and stored in containers with the lids securely fastened and placed at the street side by 7:00 a.m. on the morning of your pick-up. Only regular household garbage will be pick up. 

Please note: Items like grass clippings, leaves, building materials, fish filleting remains, large cardboard boxes, etc. will not be picked up with your regular household garbage. 


Winter Hours at the Resort Village Landfill (Effective May 6, 2024)

Landfill Gate

  • OPEN:  8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday)
  • CLOSED:  Wednesday, Thursdays
  • Closed 12:00 -12:30 p.m. for lunch  

Please follow the instructions of the landfill attendant prior to dropping off your materials. 

Payment method options:  Cash, Debit and Credit


RVCL Residential Waste Collection Fee FAQ

RVCL Waste Collection Landfill Bylaw 10-2023, Click here

RVCL Report on Landfill Fees January 2023, Click here

RVCL Public Notice - New Landfill Fees effective March 7th, 2023, Click here

Landfill Gate Fees


Commercial and Residential Waste



Resident Property


Non-Resident Property

Minimum Gate Fee (Car, SUV, etc.)



¼  and ½ Light Truck or Single Axle Trailer under 3 m in length (each)

 $40.00 Full Load

$25.00 Half Load

 $80.00 Full Load

$45.00 Half Load

¾  and 1 Ton Single Axle Truck

 $60.00 Full Load

$35.00 Half Load

 $120.00 Full Load

$65.00 Half Load

Trailers over 3 m in length (max. 1 m high)

 $20/m of box

 $40/m of box

Tandem Truck Box

 $40/m of box

$80/m of box

Conveyance Vehicle not listed will be measured and estimated by attendant



 Residential Waste or Recycling (Up to 2 Bags*)

No Charge

Non Resident Household Minimum Gate Fees Apply

 Residential Cardboard/Paper Recycling*

 No Charge

Non Resident Household Waste Rate 

Residential Yard Waste **

 No Charge

Non Resident Regular Household Waste Rate

*Residential Waste or Recyclable accepted once per week. Limited to small amounts (max. single axle truck or trailer) including, scrap metal, appliances, antifreeze, used oil, batteries, paper, and cardboard.  

*All Residential Household Waste and Recyclable Items must be separated and placed as directed by Landfill Operator. 

**Residential Yard Waste accepted limited to small amounts once per week (max. single axle truck or trailer) including leaves, grass clippings, branches under 15 cm (6 inches) in diameter, and logs, limbed and under 2 m in length.

Commercial Clean Soil, Branches and Logs*

Material from within RVCL

Material from Outside RVCL

Clean Soil

No Charge

Not Accepted


25% Household Waste Rate

Regular Household Rate

Branches and Logs**

25% Household Waste Rate

Regular Household Rate

*All items to be separated and placed into their associated piles as directed by Landfill Operator. 

**All wood products to be free of soil otherwise will be charged at full household rates. Additional effort from Village staff to handle these items will incur extra costs. 

Items with Applicable Additional Charge

Material from within RVCL

Material from outside RVCL

Construction and Demolition Surcharge

50% Surcharge on top of household rate

Not Accepted

Refrigerant Appliance and door removed (without certificate of “removal of halocarbon”)

$20.00 each

 $40.00 each

All Vehicles** (Automobiles, campers, snowmobiles, ATV, golf cart, etc.)

$100 each

$200 each

Vehicle Tires



Passenger Car









*All items must be separated and placed as directed by Landfill Operator.

** All vehicle and engines to be drained of fluid and battery removed before being accepted at Landfill 


Additional Charges if Village Staff is to separate, handle or reload waste
Rate per Hour
Waste and Recycling not separated appropriated may be rejected and illegal dumping fines will be applied.  Verbal abuse will not be tolerated and will result in waste not being accepted.



The Resort Village of Candle Lake is an authorized Recycle My Electronics drop-off location!  Computers, TVs and monitors, printers and scanners, fax machines, stereo equipment, gaming systems, microwaves, phones, audio and video equipment, cable or satellite boxes, and global positioning system (GPS) devices, etc. can all be recycled. Also, anything that plugs into these devices is also recyclable, such as headphones and earbuds, keyboards, mice, answering machines, modems, and all the cables that connect them.  

Visit this link for more information on electronics that can be recycled at 

Other Recycling 

Recycling is picked up by Greenland Waste. 

Acceptable Recyclable Material  

Communities in Bloom Sorting ShedResidential paper, carboard, tin cans, paint cans, batteries and empty propane bottles can be left at the Landfill Collection Bins free of charge.

The Communities in Bloom Committee manages the Recycling Building at the landfill, as well as recycling barrels set up a various locations through the Resort Village including the Provincial Park beaches, Tempo, Candle Lake Market, Candle Lake Golf Resort, Pineview Car Wash, Mariner's Cove, Nobles Point, Misty Meadows and the Resort Village Grounds.

The cans and bottles are collected and sorted by volunteers and transported to Sarcan in Prince Albert. Funds raised are used for CIB Projects. Cans and bottles, milk jugs, cartons and juice containers can also be left at the Recycling Building.

Recycling Bins at the Landfill