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Bylaws & Enforcement

Municipal bylaws are created by Council to govern the Village. Under the Municipalities Act, Construction Codes Act, The Planning and Development Act, 2007 and associated regulations, Councils are empowered to create and pass bylaws in accordance the Act.  

Current Bylaws 

All bylaws posted here are for information purposes only and if there is any dispute, the official version at the Resort Village Office will take precedence. 

Planning and Development Bylaws

Other Bylaws

Note: Bylaws not listed here can be accessed by contacting the Resort Village Office at (306) 929-2236.  

Bylaw Enforcement

Bylaws are in place to ensure that we have a clean, safe and healthy place to live. Resort Village of Candle Lake bylaws are enforced by the Resort Village Community Safety Officers (CSO’s).  The CSO’s work with the public and investigate the violation of existing bylaws.  

If you have a complaint or a concern about a bylaw, please call CSO Dispatch (306) 960-1855. Your call will be received at a dispatch centre and will be handled from there. 

The CSO will investigate your complaint and assess if a bylaw has been broken. If it is found there has been a violation, they will work with the offender and try to correct the situation. If necessary, tickets or further orders may be issued.

More information about policing and enforcement in the Resort Village of Candle Lake.