Board and Committee Member Onboarding Information

Thank you for considering becoming a Volunteer for the Resort Village of Candle Lake!  Council has established a number of Boards and Committees to provide recommendations and volunteer support to Staff and Council on matters pertaining to mandate established in a bylaw, terms of reference and/or memorandum of understanding.  To assist with the orientation of new members to boards and committees please review the information provided below.

Bylaws affecting boards and committees

The following bylaws outline standards for Council as well as all boards/committees of Council.  

The Council Procedure Bylaw establishes the rules and provisions for the conduct of business in meetings of boards and committees of Council.  

The Code of Ethics Bylaw establishes ethical standards and values.  

The Public Behaviour Bylaw regulates, controls and prohibits public behaviours, respecting the safety, health and welfare of people and the protection of people and property.

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Regulatory Documents

All member appointments are served on a voluntary basis.   Membership details are set out in the board/committee regulatory documents such as a bylaw and/or terms of reference and/or memorandum of understanding as provided below for each board and committee of Council.

Communities in Bloom 

Beautification Memorandum of Understanding

Aschim Homestead Maintenance Memorandum of Understanding

Fire/First Responders/EMO/Search & Rescue

Emergency Services Fire Prevention Bylaw

Emergency Management Bylaw

Health Services Committee

Bylaw 06-2024 To Establish a Health Services Committee

Terms of Reference

Sport, Culture and Recreation Board

Bylaw 07-2023 To Establish a Sport, Culture and Recreation Board

Terms of Reference

Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grant Program Information

Onboarding Package

Trails Advisory Board

Bylaw 01-2024

Terms of Reference

Wapiti Regional Library Board

Bylaw ---------

Terms of Reference

Help Shape your Community

The Resort Village of Candle Lake is seeking individuals interested in supporting specific board/committee operations and providing valuable input to help align the vision of a board and/or committee with bylaws, policies and plans of the Village. Interested in becoming a member?...complete the member application below.