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Boards & Committees

A number of boards and committees advise on the operations, assets and projects of the RVCL.   At least one member of Council sits on each board and committee. 

To learn more about becoming a member of a board and/or committee please visit the onboarding information.

Current boards and committees of Council and their Council member representative(s) include: 

Communities in Bloom

Communities in Bloom is a Canadian non-profit organization committed to encouraging and inspiring communities to develop, enhance and sustain the visual appeal of subdivisions, public spaces, parks and streetscapes through the use of floral displays, trees and landscaping. It promotes the preservation of heritage and cultural components and special emphasis is placed on environmental stewardship through recycling and tidiness. The provincial branch consists of a program offered by the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association. Community volunteers donate their time, talent and even financial support to projects, with additional financing provided by the Resort Village as well as through local fundraising projects. Councillor Hunter represents Council on Communities in Bloom.

Learn more about Communities in Bloom. The WAVE Newsletter includes monthly reports from Communities in Bloom.

Finance & Budget

This Committee works with Administration to plan and approve the annual budget for the Resort Village of Candle Lake. All Council Members sit on this Committee.

Learn more about Resort Village Finances and Budgets.

Fire/First Responders/EMO/Search & Rescue

This Committee provides the emergency services for the Resort Village of Candle Lake. They respond to fires, motor vehicle accidents, emergency situations and medical emergencies in our designated areas. Councillor Morley represents Council on this Committee.

Learn more about Emergency Services and Policing Services in the Resort Village.

Health Services Committee

This Committee advises Council on issues concerning the Health Center. Councillor Hunters sits on this Committee.

Learn more about Resort Village Health Services.

North Central Area Transportation Planning Committee

This Committee provides local input for transportation planning and to have an opportunity to influence government spending over the next 10 years. Mayor Kostyna and Councillor Attig sit on this Committee.

North Central Lakelands District Planning Committee

This Committee brings together the bordering municipalities in order to accommodate and manage development in a manner that considers the best interest of all municipalities. Mayor Kostyna sits on this Committee.

Provincial Association of Resort Communities of Saskatchewan

This Committee is the independent association that supports and represents the interests of cottage communities of Saskatchewan. Their vision is to be the voice of action for strengthening and supporting the cottage way of life in Saskatchewan. Councillor Attig sits on this Committee.

Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) 

This organization represents the collective strength of Saskatchewan communities in providing leadership in advocacy. All Council Members attend SUMA meetings.

Sport, Culture and Recreation Board

The Sport, Culture and Recreation Board is made up of dedicated and committed volunteers who work hard all year long to make the Resort Village a great place to live and visit by:

  • enhancing the quality of life in the municipality through the provision of sport, cultural and recreational events.
  • fostering, developing and assisting with the implementation of opportunities to enhance individual and community sport, culture and recreation events while recognizing the importance of the constructed and natural environments.
  • advocating for the social, economic, personal, and environmental benefits of leisure services to residents who use municipal facilities and services.
  • acting in an advisory capacity to provide recommendations to Staff and Council on matters relating to sport, culture, and recreation.
  • providing volunteer support by way of assisting Staff on matters pertaining to sport, culture, and recreation in the municipality.

Councillor Hunter sits on this Board.

Learn more about the Sport, Culture and Recreation Board. 

Trails Advisory Board

The Candle Lake Trails Advisory Board works with the Resort Village Council to plan new routes and maintain existing trails in an effort to ensure residents and visitors have opportunities to enjoy a safe and varied outdoor experience year round. The Board provides information regarding best practices, standards, funding and usage of trails. As new developments and subdivisions are developed in the Resort Village, the Board provides input and advice on incorporating trail networks into community designs and advises on budgets for all trail development and maintenance in the Resort Village. Councillor Barczai sits on this Board.

Learn more about the Trails Advisory Board. 

Wapiti Regional Library

This Committee works with the regional library of Candle Lake. Council Hunter attends meetings of the Library.

Learn more about the Library.